Using Flex-Safe® barricades at your school

Further proof that the Flex-Safe® barricade has many uses– lately we have seen a significant increase in orders from various school districts. After reflecting on different school grounds and some of the ever-changing needs of a district, we’re not surprised that some administrators have discovered the Flex-Safe® barricade and have placed orders for their districts to help with their school safety.


Some of the more obvious uses include blocking traffic for various athletic events and ushering traffic in the necessary direction during games and practices. In a similar vein, Flex-Safe® barricades can also be used to regulate the flow of traffic from building entrances and exits, and also in hallways to promote social distancing and one-way travel where necessary. Flex-Safe® barricades are perfect for their ease of portability and quick and easy setup. It doesn’t take a trained professional to carry and block off a lane of traffic!

Due to the current pandemic, many schools are also now forced to figure out how to deal with an influx in parents dropping their children off and how to handle the flow of traffic in this situation. Sometimes this involves directing people to different drop-off locations than they are used to or changing traffic patterns altogether. Maybe even changing traffic on alternating days of the week. Flex-Safe® barricades are proving to be useful for these situations, especially when bundled with some of the available signage options (directional arrows, for example). Flex-Safe® barricades are sturdy and visible, but also not permanent and easily moved when necessary for many school safety purposes.

One school district that we spoke with has also been using their new barricades to block off the fire lane outside of some of their buildings. This helps to prevent some of their students—especially younger ones, from running out into the street and into oncoming traffic. It also helps to visibly alert some of the drivers to know something is going on in this area. Additionally, it helps to keep vehicles from parking in the fire lane in case of emergencies!

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