Flex-Safe® USA, LLC. specializes in developing innovative safety barricades for work site protection.

Founded in 2012, Flex-Safe® USA, LLC was created for the purpose of manufacturing and distributing the Flex-Safe® Product line and future enhancements to the product line.

Our goal is to fulfill a need in the marketplace for adequate work site safety and protection in such environments as construction, utilities and landscaping, traffic control, maintenance, and incident management.

Flex-Safe® – The Product

Cones, barrels, saw horses and caution tape have been the standard safety products used in the marketplace for worksite protection. Most of these products offer limited safety protection and effectiveness and are also cumbersome to use or difficult to store.

The Flex-Safe® Barricade Product is unique in its patented design. The Type 1 style of barricade, which is NCHRP-350 Certified, can expand up to a full seven (7) feet within a few seconds. The Flex-Safe® USA product is very transportable and can easily be stored most vehicles. It collapses into a compact unit with convenient carrying handles, making it easy to move and store.

Combining high strength, light weight materials with state of the art design, Flex-Safe® barricades offer a professional solution for perimeter control and pedestrian traffic management.

Flex-Safe® – Made in the USA


The Flex-Safe® Barricade continues to be proudly Made in the United States.  The Flex-Safe® Barricade is manufactured in New York State with a majority of parts coming from suppliers and partners that are headquartered and have offices in the United States.

“Made in USA” is a protected statement reserved for products that comply with strict U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines. It is intended to provide confidence to consumers seeking to buy American-made products without concern about the origin of the product’s materials or manufacturing process.

What does it mean to be “Made in USA?” According to the FTC, a manufacturer may only label a product as “Made in USA” if “all or virtually all” of the product has been made in the United States. That is, all significant parts, processing and labor that go into the product must be of U.S. origin. Products should not contain any – or only negligible – foreign content.

In compliance with this official definition, Flex-Safe® USA proudly declares that every Flex-Safe® product we deliver is Made in the United States.

For Flex-Safe® USA, “Made in USA” has a more significant meaning – it is the commitment of the Company to first responders and workers that we are dedicated to their safety and that of the general public.

For a more detailed explanation of the FTC’s Enforcement Policy Statement and its business guide, Complying with the Made in USA Standard visit their website at http://business.ftc.gov/documents/bus03-complying-made-usa-standard

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