The Flex-Safe® Signs

Take your barricade to the next level with add-on signage, making it a messaging system in addition to a traffic control device.

About Flex-Safe® signs


Highly Visible - Day or Night

High visibility signs are both important and effective when it comes to informing pedestrians of sidewalk closures. Safety Orange or Hi-Vis Yellow both command attention, and quickly sends a detour message to passersby.


Quick, Effective Communication!

Outdoor safety signs are quickly recognizable by the general public and provide an immediate safety solution for both workers and pedestrians in cases that require a sidewalk closure.


Lightweight and Transportable

Weighing less than one pound and measuring 8″ wide x 40″ long, the foldable barrier signs are lightweight and can be easily transported to virtually any location for quick installation on the go.


Easily Attachable

The sidewalk safety signage is outfitted with a hook-and-loop fastener for easy attachment to the Flex-Safe® Barricade or other work site signs, and can be stacked to create a custom safety message.


Designed to Last!

Proudly made in the United States, these sidewalk safety signs are made from quality vinyl and can stand up to inclement weather and other factors that may affect the longevity of traditional traffic control signs.

Enhance the safety and efficiency of your traffic management plan with Flex-Safe USA’s vinyl traffic signs, event signs, and road signs on our Folding Barricades.

Folding barricades are a convenient solution for directing and controlling traffic and crowds, and adding customized traffic and road signs to them can make a significant impact on the overall success of your traffic management strategy. Whether you’re directing pedestrian traffic, managing a construction site, or marking off a designated area, Flex-Safe® signs can help communicate your message clearly and effectively.

At Flex-Safe USA, we offer a wide range of high-quality vinyl traffic, event, and road signs that can easily be attached to your folding barricades. If you need a custom sign, we will work with you to create a sign that meets your specific needs and effectively convey your message. In addition, we use durable vinyl material and UV-resistant inks to ensure that your signs stand up to the elements and continue to look good for years to come.


Some of the benefits of using customer traffic signs and road signs on Flex-Safe® Folding Barricades include:

  • Improved Safety: Our traffic, event, and road signs can help assure that drivers, pedestrians, and other individuals are aware of potential hazards and can safely navigate the area.
  • Increased Visibility: With our signs, you can make sure that your message is seen by a wider audience regardless of the location of your barricades.
  • Ease of setup and transport: Because Flex-Safe®  signs quickly attach to our Folding Barricades, making getting your message in front of your target audience easier.
  • Cost Effective: Compared to other forms of signage, our event, traffic, and road signs partnered with our folding barricades are an affordable solution that can provide a great return on investment.
  • Versatile: Our signs can be used for a variety of applications, including construction, special events and temporary traffic management, and more.