Frequently Asked Questions about Flex-Safe® Products

How does the Flex-Safe® safety Barricade hold up in the wind?
There is not a lot of solid surface area for the wind to catch. The Flex-Safe® Barricades will say in place during mild and moderate winds. In heavier winds, a sandbag can be placed at the bottom of the unit to keep it in place.
Are custom signs available? Can I get a different message printed?
Custom Signs are possible. Please remember that the size of the sign is 8 inches by 40 inches – so the message cannot be too long. A minimum order of 10 signs is required. A one-time screening charge may be added. Also available are blank signs that you can get printed at you local sign shop Contact us for more information.
Can signs be attached to the Flex-Safe® Barricade?
Signs can be attached to the Barricade. Hook and Loop strips are used to attach them.
When fully extended, what is the clearance height?
The lowest point is 18 inches above the ground.
Can the Flex-Safe® Safety Barricade be used indoors as well as outdoors?
Can Signs be attached to the front and the back of the Flex-Safe® Safety Barricade?
The standard Flex-Safe® Barricade only allows signs to be placed on the forward-facing portion of the barricade. Please contact us for more information.
Can the Safety Barricade be used for other purposes?
Yes – some other uses that we have heard about include driver skills improvement. It has been used as a field work table. For more information, please contact us.

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