Traffic Control Companies and Temporary Traffic Control

A manager at a Traffic Control Company in the Northeast recently contacted us to ask a question – “Can the Flex-Safe® Barricades / Safety Barriers be used for temporary traffic control on highways? “ Our short answer is “yes”.

Temporary Traffic Control

Section 6C.02  of the MUTCD defines Temporary Traffic Control Zones as:

“…an area of a highway where road user conditions are changed because of a work zone or an incident through the use of temporary traffic control devices, police, or other authorized personnel. A work zone is an area of a highway with construction, maintenance, or utility work activities. A work zone is typically marked by signs, channelizing devices, barriers, pavement markings, and/or work vehicles. It extends from the first warning sign or rotating/strobe lights on a vehicle to the END ROAD WORK sign or the last temporary traffic control device. “

Traffic Control Companies

The primary role of a traffic control company is to direct the flow of machinery and vehicles on roads and other work sites. Traffic control companies coordinate, set up, manage, and remove traffic control. They direct traffic in disruptions like accidents, planned maintenance, building sites, and roadworks. They must direct pedestrians for safety maintenance around road conditions and changed vehicles.

Traffic Control Companies have a different liability than other businesses. They are also responsible for their employees’ safety, work zone safety, workers’ safety, driver safety, and equipment safety. So, the equipment that they use should be approved at some level.

Flex-Safe® Folding Barricades / Safety Barriers Approval

We responded that the Flex-Safe® Folding Barricades / Safety Barriers had passed the NCHRP350 Crash Test.   Since the Flex-Safe Barricades passed the testing, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration has approved the structural design of the Barricades for use by entities like traffic control companies on the National Highway System, and other roads that have received federal funding.

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