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Social Distancing Safety Barrier

By now we should all be used to the “new normal” of social distancing as it relates to reducing the risk of spreading diseases—specifically COVID-19.


Maintaining a distance of at least six feet between individuals is still an important step in combating the spread, but unfortunately many people seem to have gotten lax in this practice. Even some of the constant reminders seem to be white noise these days.


While social distancing strategies have been applied on many levels, including individual (avoiding physical contact), groups (cancelling group activities where distancing may not be possible), and operational (rearranging chairs in a dining hall or doctor’s office to increase distance between them)- tape markings on floors and signs on walls can be hard to see for those who aren’t looking and can easily be ignored.


The high-visibility yellow of Flex-Safe Social Distancing Safety Barrier is bright and large enough to be easily seen either night or day, indoors or out. Not only does the barrier remind your crowd about social distancing, but it also is a visible representation of what six feet looks like. The physical barrier is also more than enough to catch the attention of those in the area and can hardly be ignored.


Another benefit of the Flex-Safe Social Distancing Barrier? Tape markings on floors and signs on walls can be a pain to be removed and reapplied in other locations as your needs change. This barrier can easily be moved from location to location in a matter of seconds. The barrier is light-weight enough for one person to move, but also still sturdy enough to use in an assortment of situations—perfect for a variety of venues either indoors or outdoors.


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