Blue “Police Line Do Not Cross” Folding Barricade

I recently saw a video clip from the Brooklyn, New York Marathon. Several employees from the New York City Police Department were staging sawhorse barricades on the corner of the street in preparation for setting them up in advance of the marathon. There were three or four employees unloading barricades from the large truck to several employees on the ground. Each barricade consisted of three parts. There were two end pieces or “A-frames,” and then the middle piece called the rail.

We thought to ourselves that perhaps the Flex-Safe design could lend itself to something similar, and so this is what we came up with after a little bit of work.

What we’ve got is a seven-foot “Police Line Do Not Cross” blue barricade. One person can handle it. It weighs 12 pounds and can be set up in 30 seconds. Several of these units can be placed in the back of the vehicle replacing a large truck on the street. The base spreads out to create a wide footprint. A little bit of difference between our product and the saw horse barricade that you have seen you’ve seen – we’ve got some reflective material on the front and reflective material on the back, so it’s easy to see.

The unit’s design makes it hard for people to step over. And the design makes it hard for people to get underneath. And in addition, several units can be linked together to create a continuous barrier by using the black strap. Now we’ve just linked several barricades together. So we’ve got a more continuous barrier. Making it harder for people to get through.

But again, it takes just a few seconds to tear it down and fold it up and put it away.

This is probably a little better solution than the wooden sawhorses, and it weighs slightly less. And it is a lot easier to use and to carry around.

Thank You.