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A question from a recent customer regarding MUTCD regulations


Recently we received a comment and a question from a customer regarding MUTCD regulations. See below and our response.

“The crews love the barricades because they are easy to transport on their utility vehicles. I do have a question regarding the signs. We recently took a traffic control training course and we need to put signs up (e.g. sidewalk closed use other side, etc.) that meet MUTCD regulations. We are putting these (old metal) signs up but they are bulky and take up space.

Does Flex-Safe® customize the dimensions required by those regulations and the color as well of the sign?”

Our response to the customer-

“The Flex-Safe® Sign colors are limited to hi-vis yellow (black lettering) and safety orange (black lettering), Sign sizes are only 8″ by 40” – rectangular in shape.

We do have a “Sidewalk Closed” – and we have a reversible directional “arrow”. What we do not have at this time (but we could make) is “Use Other Side”. The signs can be attached to each other to create the desired message. The end product would be a group of three signs that would be about 24″ by 40″. “

The Flex-Safe® Signs are technically out of spec with regards to the MUTCD Section 6F-07 since the “Sidewalk Closed – Use Other Side” sign is white with black lettering and is 12″ x 24″ rectangle.

“Temporary traffic control regulatory signs shall conform to the Standards for regulatory signs presented in Part 2 and in FHWA’s “Standard Highway Signs” book. Regulatory signs are generally rectangular with a black legend and border on a white background . Exceptions include the STOP, YIELD, DO NOT ENTER, WRONG WAY, and ONE WAY signs.” As an informational note, if you search the internet for images of the “Sidewalk Closed” sign, you will find the signs in a variety of colors (green, yellow, white, orange) and in a variety of sizes and shapes.

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