• Color availability – Orange and Yellow
    • UV Stable Industrial Grade Vinyl Reinforced Polyester
    • Ideal for safety barriers, traffic barriers and construction barricades
    • Wind resistant, weather resistant
    • ANSI & OSHA approved colors
    • Easily attach safety & security signs to Flex-Safe® Barrier
    • No tools or additional hardware are required to attach or change signs
    • Made in the USA with a worry-free guarantee
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“Sidewalk Closed” Sign

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> General Usage of the “DO NOT ENTER” Sign

The Flex-Safe® Sidewalk Closed sign informs pedestrians that the walkway is closed to pedestrian traffic. The sign is frequently accompanied by a “Detour” sign and a directional arrow sign.

The designers have created reliable and highly visible Sidewalk Closed sign to guide  pedestrians through any road construction or temporary route changes. This essential tool ensures a smooth and safe journey for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists alike. With exceptional quality and attention-grabbing features, our Detour Sign is the perfect companion for construction crews, event organizers, and anyone needing efficient traffic management.

Key Features:


Maximum Visibility:

Our Sidewalk Closed Sign features bright, materials that shine brilliantly day or night. It guarantees exceptional visibility, even in low-light conditions or adverse weather, preventing confusion or accidents.

Sturdy and Durable:

Built to withstand the elements, our sign is crafted from premium-grade materials, making it highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. It remains reliable and functional even after extended use, ensuring long-lasting performance. View the Sign Specification PDF Document

Easy Assembly and Transportation:

Designed with convenience, the sign has a user-friendly attachment system. It can be quickly attached to the Flex-Safe Folding Barricade, allowing you to change signs without using tools or other hardware whenever and wherever needed.

Clear and Concise Messaging:

The Sidewalk Closed Sign features prominent, easy-to-read lettering, ensuring that instructions are understood at a glance. Its simple and intuitive design minimizes confusion and maximizes safety, effectively guiding pedestrians to alternate routes.

Regulatory Compliance:

Our Sidewalk Closed Sign fully complies with local traffic regulations, meeting all necessary safety requirements. It aids in maintaining a smooth flow of pedestrian and bike  traffic and reduces potential hazards during construction or maintenance.


Benefits of the Sidewalk Closed Sign:

  • Increased Safety:

By clearly redirecting traffic, our Detour Sign minimizes confusion and potential accidents, ensuring the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.

  • Time and Cost Efficiency:

Avoiding unnecessary detours and roadblocks saves valuable time and resources. With our Detour Sign, you can efficiently manage traffic flow and reduce delays, benefiting everyone involved.

  • Versatile and Multipurpose:

Our Sidewalk Closed Sign is not limited to sidewalk construction alone. You can use it to direct pedestrian traffic during events, parades, or any situation requiring temporary route changes, making it a versatile tool for various purposes.

  • Enhanced Professionalism:

Our Detour Sign’s high-quality and professional appearance reflects positively on your organization or project. It reinforces your commitment to safety and efficiency, garnering trust and confidence from customers, stakeholders, and the public.

  • Made in the USA:

This Flex-Safe Sign is a “Made in the U.S.A.” product using materials and services from U.S.-based suppliers.

Invest in our top-of-the-line Detour Sign today and experience the perfect blend of reliability, visibility, and convenience. Don’t compromise on safety and efficiency—confidently make your purchase and elevate your traffic management game to new heights.