60” Flex-Safe® Folding Barricade – High Visibility Yellow


  • Ideal for safety barriers, traffic barriers and construction barricades
  • Lightweight, portable barrier that is also foldable
  • Under 30 seconds, our barricades are quick & easy to setup and transport
  • Wind resistant, weather resistant & intense reflective visibility barrier
  • ANSI & OSHA color compliant, NCHRP-350 certified & crash tested
  • Easily attach safety & security signs to effectively deliver critical messaging
  • Made in the USA with a worry-free guarantee
  • An Optional Carry/Storage Bag is available
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  • FS-BN1-60 – Flex-Safe® 60″ Yellow Folding Barricade

    • Introduction

      • The Highly Visible Yellow 60” FLEX-SAFE® FS-BN1-60 Folding Barricade is the IDEAL COMMERCIAL LIGHTWEIGHT BARRICADE FOR QUICK AND EASY SETUP AND TRANSPORT. IT is being used by: Construction companies, Maintenance operations, Utility companies, Police and Sheriff’s Departments, Fire Departments, Volunteer Fire Police, Highway Departments, Public Works Departments, Airport Authorities, Airport Maintenance, and Schools & Hospitals across the United States and Canada.

      Barricade Purpose

      • The general purpose of any barricade is to act as a warning device that alerts others to hazards. A Type 1 class of barricades like the Flex-Safe Folding Barricade FS-BN1-60 is an essential component of a work site or a work zone safety plan. The FS-BN1-60 Barricade is designed with the safety of workers and the general public in mind – from the powder-coated finish in a highly visible ANSI and OSHA-compliant colors to its ease of use and transport, Flex-Safe Barricade will improve work site and work area safety. The Flex-Safe FS-BN1-60 Folding Barricade contains many features that many other products do not have.

      DOT – FHWA Approval and Design

      • NCHRP-350 Tested and Approved -The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), which is an agency in the United States Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) has issued an approval letter for the structural design of the Flex-Safe FS-BN1 Folding Barricade- permitting it to be used in work zones on the National Highway System (NHS).
      • The FHWA’s Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices Section 6F.68 lists the designs standard and options for various channelizing devices such as barricades (Section 6f.68). A PDF document has been created to review the design of the Flex-Safe Folding Barricade to the MUTCD standards.

      Product Specifications and Features

      • WIND RESISTANT, WEATHER RESISTANT & INTENSE REFLECTIVE VISIBILITY: The Flex-Safe Folding Safety Barricade won’t blow over from a gust of wind, rust in the rain & snow, or get lost in the dark. Your Expanding Barricade’s wide stance, powder-coated steel, and ultra-reflective surfaces were designed to be the answer for dependable safety.
      • To obtain a full set of specifications for the Flex-Safe FS-BN1-60 Folding Barricade, view this Specification PDF Document

      County of Manufacture

      • The Flex-Safe Folding Barricade is a “Made in the U.S.” product using parts and services from U.S.-based suppliers and manufactured and assembled in New York State.


      • Signs are available for the Flex-Safe Folding Barricade. These highly noticeable and easily attachable signs do not require additional hardware or tools to attach to the barricades.