"Road Closed" Sign, High-Visibility Yellow

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Flex-Safe Vinyl Road Closed Sign, "Road Closed", 8" x 40", Stackable, Hook  and loop Attachable, Hi-Vis Yellow

·         VISIBLE DAY OR NIGHT: High visibility signs are essential when it comes to road closures and traffic control, day or night. Hi-Vis Yellow commands attention and quickly sends an important message to drivers on the road.

·         QUICK, EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: Road signs are quickly recognizable by the general public and provide an immediate safety solution for workers and drivers, keeping a barrier between traffic and construction zones or other events.

·         EASILY TRANSPORTABLE: Weighing just 1 lb. and measuring 8" wide x 40" long, this traffic control sign is lightweight, foldable and can be easily transported to virtually any location for simple installation on the go.

·         EASILY ATTACHABLE: This road safety sign has Hook  and loop for easy attachment to both the Flex-Safe Barricade and other vinyl signs. Stack your road sign with another to create a custom safety message.

·         MADE TO LAST: Proudly made in the United States, this traffic control sign of high visibility vinyl can stand up to the elements and other factors that may affect the longevity of safety signs on the market.

Extremely Bright and Highly Visible

The Flex-Safe "Road Closed" traffic sign is designed in High Visibility Yellow vinyl siding so that it can be seen and understood by travelers, day and night. Essential in traffic control around road closures due to accidents, events, road work or other construction, high visibility signs provide a required barrier between the public and an off-limits area.

Fast and Simple Installation

All Flex-Safe road signs are built with Hook  and loop attachments that allow for fast and easy installation to barricades or other safety signs. When it comes to controlling traffic in any situation, every second counts. The simple set up process of this road closed sign means the person responsible for traffic control has more time to complete other crucial tasks required of them in their position.

Provides Safety in Multiple Situations

Whether required for road closures due to emergency situations, large-scale parades and events, flooding, construction sites and more, this traffic control sign provides the necessary directional message that controls pedestrian or vehicular traffic. The easy set-up, portability and high visibility of this safety sign make it extremely versatile in all safety situations. The "Road Closed" message can even be enhanced by attaching the sign to another Flex-Safe road sign, providing additional directional guidance.

Durable and Reliable

Flex-Safe road traffic signs are built with high-quality vinyl that allow them to be used both inside and outside. Able to withstand rain, snow, and sun exposure, these outdoor signs are extremely durable and built to last. Proudly made in the United States, these road signs are communication tools you can rely on when you need safety equipment the most.