Posted by T. Gruenfelder on Jan 7th 2019

The Manual on Traffic Control Devices 

The Manual On Uniform Traffic Control Devices is published and maintained by United States Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration (US DOT - FHWA). The MUTCD brings uniformity to the federal, state and local roadways and ensures that traffic control devices are visible, recognizable, understandable, and necessary.

The MUTCD audience includes, but is not limited to, State and local highway agencies, public officials, owners of private roads open to public travel, the insurance industry, law enforcement agencies, incident management personnel, maintenance personnel, academic institutions, private industry, and planning, construction, and engineering organizations

For a manufacturer like Flex-Safe USA, the MUTCD provides standards and options for the design of traffic control devices - like barricades.

For state and local Departments of transportation and other concerned parties , The MUTCD provides guidelines for the use and placement of traffic control devices.