Flex-Safe Features

The Flex-Safe Barricades have some unique features not found in other products.

From the patented design to the highly visible and durable finishes, to the ability to deploy the barricade in a few seconds, the Flex-Safe Barricades provide you with the best safety barrier available.


Power Coated Finish

The high visibility powder coating ensures a long life of dependable service. Our barricades come in a high visibility yellow color or a high visibility orange color.



Carry Handle

 A strong and flexible handle makes these lightweight safety barriers easy to handle with ample room for gloved hands.


Sure Grip Knobs

Deployment is smooth and easy with these rugged ergonomic control knobs.



Non-slip Feet

Tough rubber grip feet keep the Flex-Safe Barricade from sliding on virtually any surface.




Quick Close Connect Strap

The convenient lock straps quickly connect each unit to the next, virtually allow any configuration. These lock straps also bundle the unit tightly closed when not in use.



Ease of Use

The unique X-Brace design unfolds instantly to create the most versatile and complete pedestrian management system available anywhere.





After each use, the system fold down to a surprisingly compact unit which is easy to store and stack. 



Seamless Protection & Adaptability

 The industry tested Flex-Safe Barricade system give you seamless modular protection in any configuration, instantly and effortlessly. quickly set up a few barricades for a work site  or string several together to cordon off virtually any space



Reflective & High Visibility Panel

These high visibility barricades provide the general public with clear and forceful direction. The striping on the mesh banner of the barricades is highly reflective.