We were recently contacted by an event management company out of Boston, Massachusetts. They had a corporate sponsor who wanted to use blue barricades for the event. We think the event was probably a 5k run or something similar to that. So we designed two blue units with the idea that they were going to be used for Event Management and Pedestrian Control. The designs that we came up with are very similar to the existing Flex-Safe designs. We designed and made a five-foot or 60-inch unit and a seven-foot or 84-inch unit

Design Features of the Flex-Safe Blue Barricades

Each unit has the same basic features as our other Flex-Safe Barricades.

  • Each unit has a series of reflective stripes on the front.
  • There is reflective tape on the back side so you can see it from the back.
  • There are plastic knobs to help open it.
  • A handle to carry it by.
  • A strap to keep the unit closed. In addition, that strap will also allow you to link several units together to create a more continuous barrier like this. This makes it harder to separate the units.
  • In addition, we’ve also added some hook and loop strips to attach signage for a corporate sponsor’s name and event title.
  • These units are the same height and the same weight as our other Flex-Safe Barricades.


For more information about these products, visit the FS-BN3 product page or the FS-BN3-60 product page