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Customer Comments

“…We have had one for 3 years that we have in the back of a pickup with lots of other equipment and it has shown no wear or tear. They are so good that I just bought my department another one for a new expedition that we have. They are the exact size of an Expedition trunk. Can’t say enough good about them, the snap on arrow is great to help go down to one lane. Don’t work for them but if they wanted to pay me to give them accolades I definitely would! “

– Police Officer in Connecticut

“I keep one in my trunk. It’s been in service for ~6 years and still in great shape. I’m a traffic car so use it for traffic control in a lot of wrecks.”

-Police Officer in North Carolina

“No More Splinters !”

-Campus Safety Officer in California

“We like the barricades very much  and quite a few people are impressed with them.I am hoping to order (more)…. The more people who see them are thinking of getting some.”

– County Emergency Management Officer in New England

“The crews love the barricades because they are easy to transport on their utility vehicles

-Municipal Safety Supervisor in California