Made in the United States and Made in America

Posted by T. Gruenfelder on Oct 1st 2019

Many products claim that they are "Made in the USA" or "Made in America" . But, what is actually meant by the phrases "Made in the USA" and "Made in America"? And what is meant by a "qualified c … read more

A Question about MUTCD Certification

Posted by T. Gruenfelder on May 29th 2019

Some time ago, an individual contacted me and wanted to know if the Flex-Safe barricades has been certified by the MUTCD. I replied to the individual that the that the FHWA's MUTCD does not certify … read more


Posted by T. Gruenfelder on Jan 7th 2019

The Manual on Traffic Control Devices The Manual On Uniform Traffic Control Devices is published and maintained by United States Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration ( … read more