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Flex-Safe USA, LLC was created in 2012 for the purpose of acquiring the patent and production rights to the Flex-Safe® Barricade.

Since 2004, Emergency Services Communications -a sister company of Flex-Safe USA, LLC - been looking for safety products that first responders and workers could easily use to help keep them safe at accidents and incident scenes. The products had to be easy to use, energy efficient and highly visible. These products could also help control traffic in and around construction sites and temporary traffic control zones.

ESC saw the product at a trade conference and thought that it was a unique and easy to use safety product - one person could create a highly visible seven foot safety barrier in under thirty seconds.

No other competitive product had the same set of attributes as the Flex-Safe® Barricade – lightweight, durable, working length, easy to use, highly visible, easy to transport, one person setup, and changeable signs.

In 2012, Flex-Safe USA, LLC was formed to acquire the assets of the Boston based Flex-Safe Inc. Flex-Safe USA now manufactures and distributes the Flex-Safe® Barricade

Flex-Safe® - The Product

The Flex-Safe® Barricade was originally invented by Mr. Brent Short who recognized the need for a portable, easy to use safety barrier. The design was granted a patent in 2004. Shortly after, Mr. Short formed Flex-Safe Inc. to manufacture the barricade.

Today, the Flex-Safe® Barricade is manufactured in New York State with parts from suppliers and partners that are headquartered and have offices in the United States.

The Flex-Safe® Barricade continues to be proudly Made in the U.S.

At Flex-Safe USA , we are expanding for SAFETY !


About Flex-Safe USA

Flex-Safe USA, LLC is the Manufacturer and Master Distributor of the Patented Flex-Safe® Barricade and its Accessories.(..more).

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NAICS - 339999,32999, 399950

DUNS - 078555228

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Made in the U.S.

The Flex-Safe® Barricades and their accessories are proudly Made in the United States. The Barricades and accessories are manufactured and assembled using parts and materials obtained from U.S. based suppliers.

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